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PROBLEM: How do we get people to attend a new themed Zombie attraction? ANSWER: Have Zombies deliver the message. STORY: We released 100 Zombeing Brides into the streets of downtown Chicago. The engagement convinced thousands of people to attend overnight Zombie fall out shelter experiences.  


PROBLEM: When people got all vegan, there was only one thing to do. STRATEGY: Celebrate the meatheads. STORY: Invite people to sing for their meat. 


PROBLEM: Back in the day, people were getting rid of their landlines and replacing them with cellphones.  The problem was, the landline serves up the new era of broadband. But no one knew what broadband was.  STRATEGY: Show the puppies. STORY: Share the stories of local tech early adopters with their neighbours through a hyperlocal Transmedia campaign. The cornerstone of the idea featured the first-ever live streaming online show that lead to Verizon becoming Ad Age – Marketer of the Year – selling 300% over expected sales goals.

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