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About Us

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Fluid creates content for all screens and experiences. Fluid was started in 2005 by the couple behind Budweiser Whassup – world-renowned strategist creative and film director Steve Conner and Cannes Grand Prix award-winning producer Sheila Conner.

Steve says, “The key to our work lies in our ability to find, refine and execute dramatic stories that flow authentically from our clients! You know, the type of stories that people want to talk about and share. This type of work leads to the double-digit growth that our oldest clients enjoy.”   

FLUID is a hybrid that offers strategic thinking, brand stewardship, creative development, video and content for internet and mobile, engagement marketing, and traditional TV production and product design. What makes the shop a true one of a kind is its ability to develop video games, augmented reality, and virtual reality.

One conversation with Steve and Sheila will give you all you need to know about how viral film and marketing was created, where it’s going, and how it can impact the bottom line of your brand, product, or service in a highly positive way.

Reach out. Let’s have the chat.


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