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In the very near future AI is expected to require more compute power due to the growing complexity of models, larger datasets, advanced algorithms, hardware improvements, increasing scale of applications, and ongoing research innovations. The innovative team at Lemurian are at the forefront of this initiative. 

We are excited to assist in the journey!

Nov- 23


Potentia, the vibrant social group, warmly embraces the intricacies of the modern woman’s journey has chosen FLUID to develop the brand, brand messaging and social media. 

Sept – 23 


Exciting News! FLUID is set to revolutionize the launch of “Rainmaker Beverage company,” overseeing brand development, product design, and both traditional and social media marketing. Brace yourself for a tasteful journey where nature meets innovation. Stay tuned for a media splash that captures the essence of this extraordinary drink. 

🌿🚀 #Rainmaker #FluidMagic

AUG – 23 


We picked up the LUCERE lighting account in 2019. Actually, what we got was a cool light technology that needed a design, a name, a story, a package, digital marketing – you get the story. What an enjoyable experience it’s been. The challenge was formidable. How do you create a story for a product category that changed human life 141 years ago? You gotta dig deep. So we did. We decided to honor the space between the mirror and the user—a sacred space where secrets, lies, and the truth live. Social media is going to be blazing. Stay tuned.                         


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