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How to spread the word about a product only in use in a single Dr’s office in Toronto to the US.

Dr. Cohen, a therapist in Toronto, is noted for using heated rubber balls as part of his healing routine. He calls them Acuballs. The results were so impressive patients started asking for Acuballs for their exercises at home. While there are similar products on the market, Dr. Cohen’s design is particularly effective. He asked us to develop a way to spread the word about his product beyond his client base.

Dr. Cohen’s business was all about healing pain. At the time, 2019, America was experiencing quite a bit of pain. A device election was in play. Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton. We knew at the time, no matter which way this election fell, there were going to be a lot of hurts.

Let’s host a healing party

Hand over the Pain.

We decided to address the pain that America would feel with an After-election campaign that would get Americans talking about how they could pull together as a country. We knew that this approach would target the perfect ACUPRODUCT consumer – a consumer base with a healthy state of mind.

We started with a short film that addressed the issue. The film funneled the tribe to a website where they could share their feelings – healing one comment at a time. We also launched a social media campaign that spread the hashtag – #HAND OVER THE PAIN.

As the campaign progressed, we introduced the ACUBALL product. It was a natural fit with the seeded hashtag.

The film received 12,000 views in the first week, and we got 400 comments on the website. To date, Dr. Cohens Acuballs have sold 40% over his intended goal and has grabbed the attention of major health-related retailers.

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