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Clients talk

Clients Talk

“Forget outside of the box. Steve is a cultural translator of the new age.

He masterfully transforms corporate jargon into strategy with prowess to the “Nu-World”.

Steve is my partner in success because he truly gets it.”

– Shawn K. Tollerson, Famed C-Suite Hair Care and Beauty Executive


“Steve and his teams get the new age. The work blends traditional and new media

in ways that are consistently insightful, strategic, creative and effective.”

– Geoff Walls, SVP marketing, Verizon


“With Steve, vision is a given. Digging deep into cultural insights and

delivering unexpected, creative, effective solutions is the norm.”

– Bill Lamar, Former CMO, McDonald’s USA


“Steve and Sheila are world-class marketers that also happen to be a

world-class director and producer team – soup to nuts!  We’ve done amazing work together!

– Micheal Bain, CMO , Lucere Lighting Group

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